Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer you're looking for please get it touch.

Do you do Birthday Parties?

Not currently, we are in talks with teaming with different venues as we don’t have cooking facilities on site. Keep an eye on the facebook page to be updated! We will be hosting them in the next couple of weeks.

Is this for me?

Yes! If you’re between 6-96 it’s a brand new way to excercise

What do I wear?

Sports appropriate clothing, trainers. Nothing fancy you don’t want to sweat in!

Can I just walk in?

You can! However we can’t guarantee we’ll have space for you and there is an additional walk in charge of £2.00 so we recommend booking online.

How do I book online?

Do I have to sign a waiver first?

Yes, signing the waiver creates a customer account to link the booking to, making it easier for us to find you on the system.

I’m trying to sign the waiver but its saying something is missing!

Sorry but something must be missing! Have another check. Anything with a * must be filled in! If you already tried to submit, whatever you’ve missed will be highlighted in yellow.

Okay, I’ve done that but it keeps kicking me out and making me start again!

Oops, some mobile phones and web browsers don’t seem to like the system. Try switching to a laptop / computer or changing your web browser and that should fix it.

What’s the Pricing?

Weekday booked online is £7.50, weekend is £10.00. If you don’t book online there is an additional walk in charge of £2.00.